Knitted Mesh with Seal

Metal mesh shielding gaskets refer to metal wires (commonly beryllium copper and Monel alloy wires, etc.) knitted into various shapes of EMI shielding products. Metal mesh gaskets can also be design together with foam or elastomer for specific application requiring unique feature. It is suitable for large-scale shielding room, cabinet, chassis and other relatively large equipment application with demanding shielding requirements.

This type of gasket consist of knitted mash combined with elastomer. The combination provides both EMI shielding and environmental sealing functions. The shielding and sealing materials have a variety of choices. The products are used in enclosure doors, vent panels, shielding windows, etc.
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  • High shielding performance across a wide range frequencies;
  • Suitable for shielding requirements in large gap applications, such as shielding room, cabinet, chassis and so on;
  • Wire mesh is easy to pierce the mating surface, with decent electrical contact stability;
  • Versatile mounting options, such as groove, adhesive, etc. to meet structural design needs;
  • Metal mesh gaskets combining with ordinary elastomer for moisture and dust sealing;
  • High resiliency, deflection is between 15% - 75% depending on applications.

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