FOF Series

A functional material, conductive fabric covered polyurethane foam, is commonly known as FOF (Fabric Over Foam). The product inherits good electrical conductivity and abrasion resistance from conductive fabric and good resilience from polyurethane. It is a widely adopted economical conductive gasket filler. The products are commonly seen in consumer electronics for EMI shielding, electrostatic discharge and grounding.

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  • Electrochemical compatible with most mounting surfaces, good conductivity and shieldingperformance;
  • Very soft, with decent abrasion and shear resistance;
  • A variety of PSA tapes at installation options, to fully meet customer requirements in convenience and fast bonding;
  • Can be customized according to the customer drawings: special order in length, and semi-cut, kiss cut or oblique spliced into specific frame structure on the release paper.

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