Fireproof Honeycomb Panel

Fireproof honeycomb panel is dedicated to a special fire-retardant paint by spraying special material to the aluminum honeycomb or steel honeycomb surface. When the cellular grid with thin coating is exposed to fire or temperature reaches 149ºC, retardant coating will react quickly and expand to fill the openings with carbon foams, preventing flame from spreading through the honeycomb panel.

With fireproof capability together with original EMI shielding, ventilation functions, this type of vent panel becomes essential to critical applications, such as telecommunication network equipment, server, harsh condition equipment, etc.

Features & Benefits Application Heat resistance
  • Highly cost effective.
  • Excellent flexural rigidity and strong impact resistant.
  • Good flame retardant performance.
  • Lightweight, high airflow solution for enclosures requiring both cooling and high levels of shielding.

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