CG-8025R Ni/C

NYS-CURETM CG-8025R, a Nystein proprietary product, is a Form-In-Place gasket consisting of nickel/graphite filler and ultra-soft silicone elastomer for dispensing small beads. With guaranteed adhesion strength and conductivity, it is extremely soft with reliable shielding effectiveness and cured at room temperature.
With low hardness, small-size beads, good elasticity and low compression set, NYS-CURETM CG-8025R has good adhesion to metal and plastic surfaces in small space. The product can be applied to base stations, PDAs, PC cards, radios, mobile phones, as well as many other plaster or plastic enclosures and packaged electronic assemblies.
Features and Benefits Dispensing Size Properties Curve
  • Excellent EMI shielding performance, > 90dB shielding effectiveness up to 40GHz.
  • Automated system for dispensing conductive elastomer onto metal or plastic substrates to make EMI shielding and grounding gaskets.
  • Ultra soft and compressible, lower deflection force, excellent sealing.
  • Direct application of gasket to component relieves you of redundant assembly and handling.
  • Eliminate costly tooling and allow rapid prototyping.
  • Minimizes material cost in comparison to die cut or molded gasket

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