CG-5010 Ag/Ni

NYS-CURETM CG-5010, a Nystein proprietary product, is a FIP conductive gasket with typical Silver/Nickel filler size. With guaranteed excellent conductivity and considerable elasticity, it features elastic resilience upon assembly.
With excellent conductivity, good elasticity and low compression set, NYS-CURETM CG-5010 has good adhesion to metal and plastic surface. The product is intended for defense and critical industrial applications.
Features and Benefits Dispensing Size Properties Curve
  • Super elasticity with lower compression set.
  • Abrasion resistant, withstanding high temperature, high reliability;
  • Excellent EMI shielding effectiveness, over 90dB;
  • Room temperature curing to avoid negative impact on enclosure and other component(s);
  • Saving on raw material, assembly labors;
  • Saving on tooling costs, allowing fast prototyping.

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