CG-7010 Ag/Al

NYS-CURETM CG-7010, a Nystein proprietary product, is a Silver/Aluminum conductive FIP gasket cured at room temperature. With guaranteed excellent adhesion strength and dispensing flow rate, it features high conductivity by adjusting ingredients mixing ratio. It also has good corrosion resistance and high reliability after curing.
With low hardness, good elasticity and low compression set, NYS-CURETM CG-7010 has good adhesion to metal and plastic surfaces. The product can be applied to optical transceivers, telecommunication base stations, radar equipment, handheld device and critical industrial applications.
Features and Benefits Properties Dispensing Size Curve
  • Corrosion resistance, good choice for outdoor application;
  • Excellent EMI shielding effectiveness, over 90dB;
  • Room temperature curing to avoid negative impact on enclosure and other component(s);
  • Saving on raw material, assembly labors;
  • Saving on tooling costs, allowing fast prototyping.

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