EC707D Ag

Coated onto soft foam silicone elastic material through a special process, NYS-SEALORTM ECE707/ ECE707D conductive layer is solid bonded to substrate. Product is mainly used in high-speed connectors, optical transceivers, RF modules and other industries. With excellent characteristics, the pressure required for foam silicone elastomer deformation is small and it is the ideal choice for high-speed communications products which require large deformation and high shielding. As the cost of silicone elastomer foam is much cheaper than ECE and Silver & Silver/copper coating is very thin, the cost is very competitive in the market.

With coating process being adopted for applying NYS-SEALORTM ECE707/ ECE707D conductive layer, the mold cost is low. As the core is foam silicone elastomer, a large amount of compression could be applied. It is particularly suitable for large size, irregular profile applications. NYS-SEALORTM ECE707/ ECE707D product reliability is much higher than ECE and other products. When customer needs more than 30% of compression under condition of 85 degree high temperature and 85% humidity, salt spray and other reliability testing, NYS-SEALORTM ECE707/ ECE707D is often  the best choice.

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