EC701 Ag/G

E-Coating production process is unique and proprietary. Product mechanical structure is ideal for small-sized extruded strip applications. High conductivity and thin conductive layer create high level EMI shielding performance and good electrochemical stability; Nystein uses specific primer coating process to ensure the surface coating is reliable in wear, corrosion and aesthetically appealing.

The inner core of E-Coating product is non-conductive elastomer. It retains good compression and rebound characteristics even in very small dimensions. E-coating elastomer is an excellent choice for environmental sealing and EMI shielding of small factor and compact structure design. Non-conductive elastomer cost is far less than the conductive elastomer, and only the product surface is plated with thin metal coating. This makes E-coating products very economical and competitive in the market.

Nystein has introduced four series of E-coating products for selection: NYS-SEALORTM EC701: Silver/Glass, NYS-SEALORTM EC706: Silver/Nickle, NYS-SEALORTM EC707: Silver/Copper, and NYS-SEALORTM EC707D: Dark Silver. The differences amount these products are conductivity, EMI shielding effectiveness and electrochemical compatibility.

NYS-SEALORTM EC701: With special process, Ag/G conductive layer is tightly bonded with the inner non-conductive elastomer. EC-701 is mainly used in high-speed connector, optical receiver and RF module.

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