COE601 Ag/Al

Co-extruded conductive elastomer is a new type composite material, which is Co-Extruded by using special die, combining conductive and non-conductive silicone elastomers. Products demonstrate good electrical conductivity and shielding ability. Also, with appropriate groove size, product can achieve excellent waterproof and dust-proof effect; its highest water protection level can be up to IP68. Several models are oil resistant and can withstand high temperature. According to different conductive particles, products could be categorized into Ag/Al + silicone elastomer co-extrusion (NYS-SEALORTM COE601), Ni/C + silicone elastomer co-extrusion (NYS-SEALORTM COE603), Ag/Glass + silicone elastomer co-extrusion (NYS-SEALORTM COE605), and Ag/Al fluorosilicone + silicone elastomer co-extrusion (NYS-SEALORTM COE609).
Features and Benefits Standard Size Properties Selection Guide
  • The conductive and non-tightly bonded to each other to realize both electrically conductive portions are conducting and environmental sealing
  • Lower cost compare to ECE
  • Wide temperature range for operation even at extreme temperatures - typically -55°C to + 160°C and also for Extreme temperature applications
  • Excellent mechanical properties, flexibility and long-term durability

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