ECE 505 Ag/G

Using ordinary silicone elastomer as the substrate, mixed with conductive particles with good conductive properties, ECE is a compound made through a series of complex mixing, vulcanizing and other process. It is the perfect combination of flexibility of the silicone elastomer and high conductivity of conductive particles. Products are not only suitable for conductive grounding and EMI shielding, but also ideal to achieve environmental sealing. Typical conductive particles include silver-coated aluminum, silver-coated glass, silver-coated nickel, silver coated copper, nickel-coated aluminum and nickel-coated graphite, etc. The elastomer base material is mainly silicon or fluorosilicone.
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  • Ultra-low resistance and excellent shielding performance
  • Environmentally sealing up to Ip68
  • Wide temperature range for operation, even at extreme temperatures - typically -55°C to +170°C and also for special temperature applications
  • Excellent mechanical properties, flexibility and long-term durability
  • Products can be provided in sheet, die-cut or molded products, extrusion strips or required profiles

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