SR 300

Sealing elastomer is a polymer material with excellent flexibility, scalability and electrical insulation properties. With small elastic modulus, high elongation, good resistance to air permeability, resistance to various chemical dielectric and electrical insulation properties, sealing elastomer by Nystein is developed for shock absorption, sealing, flexing, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, insulation and other needs.

SR 300 is a wide temperature range non-conductive sealing elastomer developed by Nystein. It can stand low temperature at -70℃ for long time, with its tensile strength, elongation at break and hardness remaining almost the same as in room temperature. This military grade product has been used in a large-scale in defense and industrial products.

  • Diverse IP protection classes
  • Various colors to choose from
  • High flexibility and mechanical strength
  • Excellent ageing resistance
  • Full selections of rubber hoses, gaskets and molded rings
  • Customized design available

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