Electrical Properties Analysis – for RF Absorbers

Electrical Characterization of Materials
  • Far-field reflection loss
  • Insertion loss
  • Complex permittivity
  • Complex permeability
  • Surface and volume resistivity

Modeling and Simulation of RF absorbing materials, Equipment & Services include:
  • NRL Arch/Free space antennae/horns
  • Used for measuring far-field reflection loss, insertion loss and custom free space measurements
  • Standard horns (2-18 GHz)
  • High frequency horns (18-40 GHz)
  • Low frequency horns (0.6-2 GHz)

Waveguides/Coaxial Measurement:
  • Used for measuring complex permittivity and permeability and for measuring insertion loss
  • 7mm Coaxial waveguide (0.5-18 GHz)
  • X-band WR-90 (8.2-12.4 GHz)
  • K-band WR-42 (18-26.5 GHz)
  • Ka-band WR-28 (26.5-40 GHz)

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