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Following the developing of industrial manufacture & science and technology, people are continuing coming up with new requirements about materials. In the home appliance application field, all kinds of household appliances emerge in endlessly due to the rapid development of integrated & assembly technology. The production scale expands unceasingly; the structure becomes more and more complicated. The size of electronic components & logical circuit becomes lighter, thinner & smaller which cause more and more heat productivity. It needs insulating materials with high thermal conductivity to remove heat creating by the electronic instrument. Whether can remove the heat effectively or not directly relate to product’s service life & quality reliability.

Inverter air conditioner (outdoor unit):

Amount power diode & IGBT & heat sink, we recommend using Nystein TIM-Pro T10.
Under the conventional voltage (220V) & high voltage (265V), the heat creating by the current passing the IGBT & power diode will be transmitted to the heat sink through T10. It guarantees the proper functioning.

Air-source heat pump water heaters(copper tube/ micro-channel)

Between copper tube/ micro-channel & the water tank, we suggest using Nystein TIM-Grease 5000 series - a kind of Thermal conductive silicone products – to link them.
The heat created from copper tube/ micro-channel need to be transferred to the water tank and heat the cold water. TIM-Grease 5000 can fill the gap between the copper tube/ micro-channel & the water tank to make them combined more closely. It can help greatly improving the thermal efficiency.


Between power amplifier IC / Image decoder IC & enclosure, we recommend using thermal conductivity gap filler material TIM-Pad series.
Following the development of the internet, homes using television become more and more intellectualized. And the heat causing by the functional chip are increasing as well. The TIM-Pad can transfer the heat to the enclosure efficiently and cool it down.
And for EMI shielding of PCB board, we recommend Nystein metal stamping BLS. Its shape & size can be designed according to customer’s requirement.

Small household appliances

For thermistor from induction cooker, electric pot and other small household appliance, we recommend Nystein Super soft thermal conductive gel TG-801.
The small household appliances’ heating function is equipped with temperature protection. It would automatically trigger the power-off protection when the temperature reaches its setting limit. Coating TG-801 between the thermistor & heating device (e.g. ceramic panel of induction cooker) can enhance the control sensitivity effectively which can avoid the occurrence of accident.

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