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Nystein endeavors to provide EMI & Thermal Management products and solutions to our customers in market sectors as IT/Telecom, Data Communication, Automotive, Medical, Industrials, etc. With a global sales & marketing team, as well as extensive manufacturing sites in the greater China area, we ensure our products and services are "Close-to" our customers.

Create a better world with simple, focus, and cool technology!

  • We believe the driving force for a sustainable development is continuous innovative technology.
  • We believe keeping an organization with great simplicity is the key to adapt with fast changing world.
  • We believe focus creates productivity.
  • We believe a group of dedicated people, with high standard of integrity and moral principle, can change and create a better world.

Core Values

  • Customer centric
  • Caring
  • Continuous improvement
  • Teamwork
  • Action-oriented
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Commitment

Global Footsprint

Red:R&D Center
Green:Global sales

North America & Global Sales Support

Phone: 917.853.0284
Fax: 917.979.4567
E-mail: US-Sales@nystein.com

Global Operation Center

Phone: +86 028 87576440
Fax: +86 028 87576431
E-mail: US-operation@nystein.com

R&D Center

Phone: +86 0769 82236901
Fax: +86 0769 82236902
E-mail: rd@nystein.com

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