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Nystein's TG-870C Curable, one-component thermally conductive gel

Flextein® TG870C is a field-curable high-performance fluid-type thermal interface material designed specifically for automated dispensing assembly applications. After curing, it is equivalent to a thermal pad, which is very easy to rework/repair and is suitable for heat dissipation with large thickness changes  Modules or components.  With its inherent adhesive properties, it does not require an adhesive layer, can be kept in use position, does not move, and has high reliability.  At the same time, it has good wettability, which makes the mating parts fully contact and improves the heat conduction efficiency.  It does not need to be die-cut, and can be directly dispensed between the heating element and the heat sink/housing. It can replace the conventional thermal pad and thermal grease to improve thermal conductivity and reduce costs.

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March, 2020

Nystein's CG-5020 Ag/Ni conductive FIP gasket
NYS-CURE ® CG-5020, a Nystein proprietary product, is a high temperature curing Ag/Ni conductive FIP gasket. With guaranteed adhesion strength and conductivity, it features high EMI shielding effectiveness. High speed dispensing does not affect cross section shape.
Featured excellent conductivity, good elasticity and low compression set, NYS-CURE® CG-5020 has good adhesion strength on metal and plastic surfaces. The product is cost-effective and can be applied to defense and critical industrial applications.

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February, 2020

Nystein's 4.5WThermalMicrowaveAbsorber

Thermal microwave absorber, as the name implies, can both absorb microwaves and conduct heat. With polymer silicon as substrate, thermal microwave absorber is a compound of ceramic powder, magnetic filler and corresponding additives. The product can achieve thermal conduction and microwave absorption at low compression force, and it has good insulation properties and environmental stability.
NYS-SORBER® AB 525 is a blended absorber/ thermal management material that is used for EMI mitigation. Its thermal conductivity can reach 4.5W. It can be applied like a traditional thermal pad between heat source and heat sink or other device need heat transfer. AB525 is suitable for high frequency applications. Its absorption over 25 GHz > - 20dB.

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November, 2019

Nystein's both microwave absorptive & thermal conductive Gel ATG960

Flextein® ATG960 is special designed for use in high performance devices requiring maximum thermal performance, excellent microwave absorption, low compression force and component reliability. In addition to providing application flexibility and variable gap adaptation, ATG960 will exert minimum stress on your component while maintaining interface contact to maximize thermal transfer. It requires no cure cycle and it’s cross-linked gel structure provides superior long term properties stability and reliable performance over conventional greases.

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October, 2019

Nystein's soft gap filler interface material

Flextein® S80H is a 8 W/m∙K soft gap filler interface material with great thermal performance and high compliance. Its soft interface pad conforms well to minimal pressure, resulting in little or no stress on mating parts. It has extremely low silicone extractable ability compared to many other silicone interface products and also meets NASA outgassing specification. FlexteinTM S80H is super-flexible, hi-performance design-in material. It is electrically insulating, stable from -60ºC to 200ºC and is certified to UL-94 V0 flammability rating.

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October, 2016

New microwave absorber is developed for automotive electronics industry
Special designed molded injection microwave absorbing material for automotive electronics industry has been put into functional test. Reflection attenuation curves show great performance around 77 GHz frequency.

September, 2016

September 2016 territory tour received positive response from automotive industry
Newly developed injection molding RF absorber promotion in territory tour of automotive industry has received many positive echoes from customers.
Super soft FIP gasket material has been put into production
Our super soft FIP gasket material CG 8021 with stable quality and great EMI performance has been put into production recently.
Nystein's full series of FIP gasket materials will soon be released
Nystein's full series of FIP gasket materials will be released. Welcome all kinds of gasket inquiries with diversified applications.

July, 2016

Nystein new RF/Microwave laboratory
Nystein new RF/Microwave laboratory has been up running and capable for our R&D project research and production testing.

June, 2016

June 2016 Round of TTS Tour Finished Successfully.
As a result of fully and efficiently prepared agenda through an excellent and dedicated trip in June 2016, Nystein has received positive response from customer of our solutions in automotive industry.
Nystein ECE Products Designed in Huawei.
Nystein has designed in Huawei system with our ECE products based on great performance and service.

May, 2016

New FIP Product CG-5010
New conductive adhesive CG-5010 has been released. CG-5010 offers low hardness, excellent compression/deflection performance and low compression set. Superior performance in adverse environments makes this material an excellent choice for telecom base stations, PDAs, PC cards, radios, mobile phones, etc.
ISO 14000/9000 Certificate awarded
Nystein new expansion facility in Dongguan is now ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and OSHA 18001 certified. This plant significantly expands Nystein production capability to satisfy increasing market demand.

April, 2016

Website Update.
Nystein is reconstructing its website, some categories and product information have been updated.
Nystein’s production center in Suzhou China
Nystein’s production center in Suzhou has been relocated with expanded area and greater production capability, mainly serving FIP design and solutions.

March, 2016

Product Focus: Nystein E-coating
E-coating silicone elastomer is core product developed by NYSTEIN, Inc. for structure EMI shielding use, with high performance elastomer as base material coated with conductive layer. Comparing with other similar products, our e-coating products show increased galvanic stability, easier compressibility, and cost effectiveness.

February, 2016

Product Development
Nystein production team announces its new product development on automotive market.

January, 2016

New round of customer visit begins soon.
A new customer visit tour in North American from our sales, engineering and marketing teams will begin in January 2016.
Product Focus: NYSTEIN FF series Absorber
Nystein FF series Absorber has been applied in automotive radar design in US market.

December, 2015

NYSTEIN new R&D center in Dongguan China
New thermal conductive material—thermal gel material that can overcome the pump-out and dry-out issues of grease
Nystein thermal gel materials are pre-cured, single component compounds that can be dispensed over the heat generating component. While traditional thermal grease will dry out after 1~2 years with rapidly decreasing of thermal conductivity. Our R&D team had been dedicated to develop a kind of material that can overcome the pump-out and dry-out issues of grease. NYSTEIN thermal gel series are such kinds.