Telecom/Datacom industry involves the process of wired or wireless information beingprocessed, transmitted and delivered. This industry relies on high performance equipment that can handle more bandwidth in a smaller space, enabling global carriers to meet exponentially growing video, voice and data traffic demands. Nystein’s EMI/RFI and thermal management products are crucial to the safety, security and performance. They are applied in almost all levels of applications, from small optical transceivers to large base stations.

Remote Radio Unit (RRU) of Base Station:

RRU is the equipment facilities wireless communication between end user equipment and wireless network, it is generally installed in towers, which require both environmental and EMI shielding as well as thermal management. Following are some Nystein critical components and materials recommended: ECE 503, ECE 601, SR300, S28, S30, S51, TG801, T9, and possible absorber materials.

Radio Network Controller (RNC):

RNC is responsible for controlling the Node Bs that are connected to it and carries out radio resource management, some mobility management functions and encrypts data before it is sent to and from the mobile. EMI shielding at enclosure and PCB level, as well as thermal management due to limited space are both vital to RNC design engineers. Following are some Nystein critical components and materials recommended: FOF, Fingerstock, BLS, S51 and S28.

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