Test Capabilities

In Nystein, we can do both product development and testing in house! This means reduced development time for customers during the prototypes and trial run period. We offer electrical testing, mechanical testing, environmental testing, thermal testing, as well as analytical testing.
Testing Devices Testing Items Testing Range
2.5D Measuring Instrument Dimension/Angel 0.01~300000um
All-in-One Mechanical Tester Elongation/Tear Strength/Compression 1~10 KgN
All-in-One Density Tester Density 0.01-300g g/mL
Resistance Tester surface resistance 30 mΩ ~ 3 MΩ
Volume surface resistance tester surface & volume resistance 30 mΩ ~ 3 MΩ
Breakdown voltage tester Breakdown voltage 1~50 KV
Vickers hardness tester Vickers Hardness 10~1000 g
Metallographic image measurement Microscopic examination/viewing 50~800 times
Thermal constant analyzer thermal conductivity/impedance 0.005~500 W/mK,
Thermal Conductivity tester thermal conductivity/impedance 1~20 mm
Shore A tester Hardness 1~100 Shore A
Shore OO tester Hardness 1~100 ShoreOO
Thermal cycling & Humidity  tester thermal/humidity/aging -10~120 ℃   10%~99%
Thermal aging 250 tester thermal aging 1~250 ℃
Thermal aging 360 tester thermal aging 1~360 ℃
UL-rating tester Flammerability thickness 3.0 mm,length 125±5 mm,width 13.0±0.5 mm
Salt spray/fog tester Salt resistance 30~+55℃  Settlement of corrodant:1~2(mL/80 C﹒h)
Thermal Cycling tester thermal cycling -60~200 ℃   10%~99%
Laser particle size analyzer Particle size 0.1~750 um
Tape Viscosity analyzer Viscosity /
Dispersion & Mixing Sander Dispersion and mixing /
Penetration tester Hardness /
Roatery Vulcanizer Vulcanizition