Introduction of Physicaltest Room
Test the mechanical properties, electrical properties, thermal conductivity, micro morphology of the materials, and online test the electrical and thermal properties of the materials under compressive deformation.
The test objects include composite materials such as conductive rubber, conductive paste, thermal conductive material, thermal insulation material, absorbers, shielding material, sealing material, and other functional materials.


Main Test Instruments
CMT6104 Microcomputer Controlled Electronic Universal Testing Machine
DL-III Type Thermal Conductivity Tester
Volume resistivity-Surface Resistance Tester
Compression ratio - resistance tester
GX201A+VM Type Metallographic Microscope
Shore Hardness Tester



Chemical Analysis Laboratory
The chemical analysis laboratory is mainly used for analysis & synthesis and modification of materials. Analysis includes viscosity & curing test about organic silicon rubber, organic silicon resin, polyurethane elastomer, EPDM, epoxy resin and filling modified polymer. And it also can test moisture content, oil absorption & density about inorganic filler.
Synthesis and modification of materials include chemical modification & surface treatment of functional powder such as organic silicon resin modified epoxy resin, organic silicon resin modified acrylic resin, surface treatment of boron nitride, aluminum oxide, graphene, etc.


Main Instrument
Chemosynthesis fume hood
RVDVIM type rotary viscometer
J Z-6029 type no rotor rheometer
MXD-B1100 type high-speed dispersion machin



Introduction of Reliability Test Laboratory
The reliability test laboratory is set for simulating extreme environment for testing electronic, electrical materials and electronic components with their heat resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, thermal shock resistant, salt spray corrosion resistance, mechanical impact resistance, collision resistance, anti-dropping, burning resistance, waterproof and compressive properties, which can show the reliability properties of electronic materials and components and predict the service life.


Test Instrument
DH64-65 high and low temperature (hot and humid) test chamber
GW100-200 high temperature aging test chamber
DR-60 type neutral salt spray test chamber
Auto SPA UL94 vertical burning chamber
Mechanical impact testing machine
Drop test machine


EMI Test Room Introduction
The EMI test room is used to test the reflectivity of absorbing material & the shielding effectiveness of shielding material. The shielding chamber is used to test the high frequency shielding effectiveness of materials, and the frequency measuring range is from 200MHz to 40GHz with the shielding effectiveness range from 0dB to 120dB. The NRL arch reflectivity test system is used to show the return loss of absorbers, with scanning frequency from 1GHz ~ 40GHz and reflectivity attenuation range of 0 ~ -40dB.

Main Instrument
Shielding chamber
Electric arch shelf
Agilent type 5234A vector network analyzer
Transmit and receive antenna