Spring Finger Series

Brief Introduction

in Recent Years, With the Rapid Development of Electronic Technology And the Rapid Progress of Science, Human Beings Have Developed More Humanized And Convenient Products in Pursuit of A More Ideal And Comfortable Living Environment. Just Because of This, the High-frequency And Broadband instruments And Equipment, Which Used to Be Found in National Defense And Research Units only, Are Gradually Being Blended into Everyone's Life. the Most Terrible Thing About the Damage Caused By Electromagnetic Wave Lies in That It Is invisible, So Ordinary People Cannot Feel Its Power. Until in Recent Years, Some People Began to Make More Rigorous Discussions on the Harms of Electromagnetic Waves to the Human Body And to investigate the Electromagnetic Radiation Factors, As the Science Has Been increasingly Advanced. on the Printed Circuit Board, the Electronic Components Produce Different Frequencies And Currents Which Flow Over the Copper Foil Circuits. the Signal Flows All the Way Under High Frequencies, And If there Is Any Difference of Potential, It Will Easily Lead to one Signal on the Grounding Road, Thus Resulting in Electromagnetic interference. therefore, in Order to Minimize the Resistance of the Grounding System, the Most Effective Method Is to Adopt More Contacts to Reduce the Noise Caused By the Resistance of the Grounding Circuit.
Nystein Has Been Committed to Anti-electromagnetic interference Solutions For Many Years. Its Products include Conductive Foam, Conductive Fabric, Copper Foil, Sucker Material, Finger Stock, And Shielding Can, Etc. they Have Become indispensable Materials For Electromagnetic Shielding Cans, And Design Basis For Emi Engineers. However, to Improve the Impedance of the Grounding System, Nystein Has Also Been Developing Surface-adhesive Spring Finger Products Continuously, Striving to Make A Contribution to Customers. to Extend the Applications of the Smd Spring Fingers, Nystein Has Developed A Variety of Sizes of Spring Fingers (retaining And Padding Functions) to Meet the Needs of Customers in Various Ways.