Fingerstock Series

Brief Introduction

Nystein Fingerstocks Are Available in A Variety of Shapes And Sizes, with Each Product Being Accompanied by the Recommendations on Specific Application Scenarios And installation Dimensions. Nystein Currently Has Hundreds of Standard Fingerstocks. High-speed Precision Stamping Press, Computerized Heat Treatment Furnace, Precision Electroplating And Other Processes Reduce their Cost While Improving their Performance.
in Addition to Beryllium Copper, Stainless Steel, Brass, Phosphor Bronze And Other Special Alloys Are Available According to the Customers’ Specific Application Requirements in Shielding And Other aspects.
the Beryllium Copper (be-cu) Material Has Durable Mechanical Strength And Excellent Conductivity. in Terms of Electromagnetic Shielding, It Provides High Shielding attenuation. with Beryllium Copper as the Main Raw Material, Nystein Develops A Reliable Full Range of Electromagnetic Shielding Spring Contacts, Such as, Fingerstock And Grounding Products, in Line with the Latest Development in Material Science And Engineering Applications.