Flextein S120

Flextein ® S120 is a new, ultra-high thermal conductivity gap filler material. Its thermal conductivity is as high as 12W/m.k, and it is a thermally conductive material specially designed
for high power consumption, high heat and high performance application scenarios. In addition to the high thermal conductivity of the material itself, it also has good compressibility and
conformability, which makes it easier to adhere closely to electronic components, and at the same time covers the microscopic uneven surface so that the mating parts are fully contacted
and the heat conduction efficiency is improved.

Flextein ® S120 is naturally tacky on both sides and requires only a light pressure during assembly to secure components without adhesive. The thickness of the product can be
customized in the range of 0.5-4mm according to the needs of customers, and one-sided adhesive can also be selected for ease of use.

Product Description Product Description
FC@ FC@ FC@ S120
Appearance - Visual Light Grey
Thickness mm ASTM D374 0.5~4.0
ThermalConductivity W/m ·K ISO 22007-2 12
Oil Bleeding Rate % 125℃&48h <1
Hardness shoreOO ASTM D2240 65
FlameRating —— 94 UL 94 V-0
Dielectric strength (@1MM) kV/mm ASTM D149 ≥6.0
VolumeResistivity Ω ·cm ASTM D257 ≥1.0×1012
Density g/cm3 ASTM D792 3.3
Dielectric Constant @1MHz ASTM D150 5
ServiceTemp. °C Nystein -40~150
RoHS Compliant —— Nystein YES

Features & Benefits:
Thermal conductivity 12 W/m·K
Soft and excellent workability
V-0 flame rating
Thickness range from 0.02" (0.50 mm) to 0.160" (4.0 mm)

Typical Application:
Computers , servers and their peripherals
Smartphones, tablet and other multimedia
High-end network equipment
Optical communication modules

Configuration Available:
Standard size 230×230 mm, sheet form and die-cut parts could be required.
Standard thickness: 0.5mm (0.02") to 4mm (0.16") in 0.5mm (0.02") increments. Can be
customized according to customer needs.
Natural tack on one or both side option

Storage conditions:
Sealed at room temperature away from light, and stored in a dry place.
Best Storage conditions: Temperature: 25℃ (±3), Humidity: 50% (±10), can be stored for 12
The materials taken out after opening may be contaminated during use, so please do not
mix contaminated products with unopened products.Nystein assumes no responsibily for
contaminated products or conditions other than the required storage conditions.
For additional information, please contact your appropriate sales, technical support, or
customer service representative promptly.