Non-standard Stamping Parts

Brief Introduction

Customer Requirements

Nystein supports the rapid design and manufacturing of many non-standard products in order to meet the different requirements of customers. The customers’ non-standard requirements mainly fall into the following three categories:
A: Where samples need to be provided to verify a new structure or process in the preliminary design and verification stage
B: Where the mass production has encountered certain problems and product verification needs to be added or changed to solve such problems.
C: Where standard parts become unusable due to a special structure space or assembly method and need to be adjusted.


Non-standard Products- Three Major Advantages of Nystein

A:  A production expert in small-batch products
Nystein has unique advantages in small-batch production and prototype making. Such capability is dependent on our flexible image etching technology, universal machines and molds, and fast and efficient sample making system.
B: Nystein’s manufacturing capability enables it to cover almost all products 
We have complete molding design and manufacturing capabilities, including CAD, CAM and high precision CNC wire cutting equipment. We can customize a wide range of products for you, such as connectors, switches, and electronic and electrical equipment accessories. From gold plating to zinc plating, we can always complete the plating process rapidly. Relying on the non- standard stamping business, Nystein has attracted many customers, including many world famous communication, automobile and medical manufacturers.
C:   High quality control and a number of rapid process capabilities
No matter in normal production or sample production, the company strictly controls the delivery time all the time. With the help of the SPC product quality control, the company has been chosen as a partner by many leading high-tech manufacturers who want to meet the assembly requirements of their customized products.

Nystein’s process capabilities:
* All kinds of automatic or semi-automatic equipment
* Ultrasonic welding 
* Conventional and special riveting 
* Meeting all kinds of harsh and difficult technical requirements
* Meeting the special packages required by assembly and storage
* CNC engraving and milling machine\Laser engraving machine