Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics involves electronic devices or equipment intended for everyday use by individuals. This encompasses categories of entertainment, telecommunications, home office and major appliances. Same as other electronic devices, increasing number of electronic modules, systems, components have been embedded into existing limited space. Side effects of electronic products, EMI interference and over heat, are inevitable. Both electrical and mechanical engineers have to face the challenge when they deal with electronic product designs.




Recommended Nystein products for appliances are FOF, Stamping Metals for EMI Shielding; TIM pad, electrically Insulating and thermal conductive film for thermal management.


Recommended Nystein products for displays are EMI adhesive tape, FOF and CF gasket for EMI shielding; thermal adhesive tape and graphite film for thermal management.

Hand Held Devices:

Recommended Nystein products for hand held devices are FOF and ,copper foil tape and stamping metals for EMI shielding; thermal adhesive tape and gap filler pad for thermal management.