Quality Policy

Creating Trust Through Quality:


As Nystein Group, We committed to manufacture and deliver quality products efficiently, in a professional and flexible environment, on time and at the right cost to our customers, while driving to become a world-class organization.


Committed to meeting the needs and expectations of our clients by the capable implementation of the tried and proven Quality Management System.


Adapting to change and driving unprecedented value for our customers through continuous improvement and the elimination of waste


EHS Policy


At Nystein, our Environmental policy is the foundation of our company environmental programs. The policy communicates our focus and continued commitment to protect the environment and ensure we conduct our operations using sound management practices.


At Nystein, we commit to:

· Being an environmentally responsible neighbor in the communities in which we operate. We will act responsibly with respect to conditions that impact health, safety or the environment.

· Continually improving our activities with a focus on environmental stewardship and “prevention of pollution“ programs.

· Setting environmental objectives and targets each year, based on the previous year's results and trends.

· Practicing conservation in all areas of our business.

· Developing safe, energy-efficient and environmentally-conscious products and manufacturing processes.

· Assisting in the development of technological solutions to environmental problems.

· Complying with applicable legislation, regulations and other requirements.

· Conducting rigorous self-assessments and audits to ensure our compliance with this policy on an ongoing basis.