Metal Precision Stamping

Today's complex electronic technology poses higher requirements and challenges in solving EMI problems. A adequate solution considers shielding effectiveness, space, weight, ease of production and many other factors. Nystein's knowledge and experiences in metal precision stamping shields ensure performance, control budget and increase production capacity in every stage of development.

The main raw materials for shields and contacts are tinplate, copper-nickel-zinc alloy, beryllium-copper alloy, copper-based alloy and elastic steel. All shields are solderable. Whether it is one-piece shield, two-piece shield or precision contact, Nystein ensures the quality and performance from initial design to the final packaging. SMT shield can be designed into one-piece or two-piece. One-piece shield is cost-effective and excellent in shielding effectiveness, but difficult to repair the shielded component(s). Two-piece with cover shield is easy and flexible for users to test and repair the shielded component(s).

Due to the flexible and ever-changing product structure, EMI shields can be customized in material, size, structure, surface treatment, flatness, etc. If you have any special need, please contact Nystein sales and technical personnel.

Rapid Prototyping

Prototype can be done within days, and samples can be packaged for direct SMT placement.

Automated Assembly and Packaging

Nystein specialized technical team designs proper packaging for customer automation assembly needs.


Our quality control system ensures top product quality. The system is in place throughout entire process from design to production final packaging. This is how we get the highest rating in customer's quality review.


From initial design to mass production, fast, effective service and support is what customer need and what we always deliver.


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