SR 309

Non-conductive elastomer gasket is a common sealing product. It is widely used in sealing applications. Proper force can cause enormous deformation, which delivers a contact pressure compensating leak gap. Therefore, sealing function can be achieved. The main ingredient of non-conductive elastomer gasket is silicone rubber, whose sealing property is very stable, and is widely used in waterproof, damp proof, dust proof and other enclosure environment. This series products play an important role in the leak and seal applications. Considering preventing environmental pollution, this is a necessary component in electronic design.

Based on benzene-based silicone rubber, SR 309 has excellent radiation resistance. It can work at high radiation environment and maintain good physical properties at extreme high or low temperature (especially at -70℃).

  • Diverse IP protection classes
  • Working temperature range: -70℃~+220℃
  • High flexibility and mechanical strength
  • Full selections of rubber hoses, gaskets and molded rings
  • Customized design available
  • Excellent radiation resistance

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