EMI Shielding

In today’s electronic world, electromagnetic interference (EMI), also called radio frequency (RF) interference can raise, can greatly affect electronic printed circuit board (PCB) intended performance. There are many types of EMI interference, such as Man-made and naturally occurring EMI, continuous interference, impulse noise, narrowband, broadband. Also many ways are existing to couple from the source to the receiver, for example, radiation, conduction, inductive coupling, capacitive coupling and magnetic coupling. Nystein experienced engineering team will effectively suggest you solutions by recommending proper barrier products to reduce the field based on your application or design.

Air is filled with microwave signals. A designer of a new device must ensure that his device does not emit any signal, which will interfere with other transmissions.In addition, a new device must be free of interference from existing EMI/RFI radiation. Recommended shielding products for electronic device enclosure are ECE, FIP and ABS series absorbers.


PCB level EMI issues are what a EMC engineer should start with, when considering an electronic design. The causes of EMI issues can be categorized into voltage driven, current driven, circuit board antenna related, signal coupling to I/O related, or enclosure resonances related. Engineer needs to identify the cause of a problem, then alternate the board layout and/or use proper PCB EMI shielding materials to solve the issue.
Recommended PCB board level shielding products are ABS series absorbers and fingerstock.

I/O Interface & Cable

I/O interface and cable are importance locations where EMI issues are usually overlooked. Conductive fabric, conductive tapes, metal mesh products, fabric over foam products and microwave absorber products are all suitable for I/O interface and cable applications.
Recommended shielding products for I/O interface & cable are FOF, EMI tape, ECE 501 and ECE 503.


Popular shielded enclosure size can range from small such as hand held device to medium such as computer screen or window to large like cabinet or room, etc.
Recommended shielding products for electronic device enclosure are ECE, FIP and ABS series absorbers.

Cabinet & Subrack

EMI sealing products are necessary to maintain the cabinet RFI/EMI shielding effectiveness integrity. They are also useful for plug-in unit at subrack level. Involved products include mesh products, conductive elastomers, finger stocks and fabric over foam (FOF).
Recommended shielding products for cabinet & subrack are fingerstock, FOF and vent panel.

RF & Microwave Absorption & Side Lobe & RCS Reduction

In radar engineering, RF and microwave absorption products are used to address the issues of internal cavity resonance, antenna pattern shaping, and high-frequency interference. Side lobe poses undesired radiation which may cause interference and increase noise level to receiver or other equipment. Absorber is used to improve the antenna side lobe control. Radar cross section (RCS) reduction is used to "hide" subject from being detected by applying various materials to “absorber” the energy from source.

According to specific application, the intended attenuation frequency can be tuned, the material can be selected and the size and shape can be customized.

Recommended shielding products for RF & microwave absorption & side lobe & RCS reduction are absorbers.


Environmental seal and EMI shielding dual function gaskets are common in electronics packaging design. Various Nystein's products such as E-coating series, co-extruded elastomers, and FIP products, offer the solution to engineers.
Recommended products for environmental shielding are ECE and non-conductive elastomers.

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